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Precision CNC Machining Manufacturer

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CNC machining factory, how to deal with errors of precision parts processing?

1. Local error of precision parts processing

When many automated parts processing plants do product error detection, the size error of the workpiece after processing is often reasonable, but the local size error is very large. In fact, this reason is mainly caused by the gap between the mother thread and the lead screw in the lathe.

Originally, there was a gap in this place, but after a long operation of the lathe, the gap between the thread mother and the screw naturally widened. In the programming of precision parts, the compensation error of this gap was taken into account, but the newly added gap was not compensated, which caused the local size to be out of tolerance. CNC machining plants generally need to repair this gap or replace the lead screw.

2. Overall error of precision parts processing

If the overall error of the processed workpiece is large, it is basically redone. Loose connections between the lathe and the wire mother or screw can easily cause large errors. During the processing of the workpiece, the cutting resistance is very large. If the connection is loose, the size drift will occur during cutting. The joint of this lathe must be fastened to eliminate the faulty error.

Another situation is that the looseness of the electric tool post can also cause a large error in the machined part. During the tool change process, the tool holder cannot be automatically locked, and the lower tool point will shift during cutting, which will inevitably cause a large error. The tool holder must be locked to avoid this error.

Shenzhen mechanical parts processing factory takes you to understand the require
To process precision parts, it is necessary to follow certain processing requirements and standards to ensure high quality, accurate