powerful design team | new arrivel  ever

powerful design team | new arrivel ever

Why Choose Us

Professional advantage - strong professional processing capability - processing manufacturer with years of experience in the precision industry

Professional parts processing
Ten years of processing experience
Various mechanical fields
provide the solution
The company has long been focusing on precision machinery parts, non-standard equipment parts, various types of hardware parts processing and manufacturing, with strong manufacturing capabilities, high-quality high-end customer base and excellent supplier team. Relying on high-precision equipment and technical production, R & D team, standardized production management system, greatly meet the needs of users in many aspects

Equipment advantages - fully equipped
The company's machining equipment is complete, including CNC car, CNC machining center, all kinds of grinding machines, general milling, EDM, fast and slow wire cutting and bending machine shearing machine sheet metal and other processing equipment, various testing equipment, which fine The processing steps are mostly imported high-end equipment, and equipped with a full set of precision testing equipment such as British Zeiss three-coordinate, Mare profiler and Swiss altimeter, which guarantees the production and processing capability from the equipment.

Quality advantage - 100% inspection of workpieces - high efficiency - high quality
100% inspection of all products of the company. There are three types of imported testing equipment. Altimeter. Precision Thousands of Dimensions. Hardness Tester Roundness Gauge Caliper Dial Indicators and other professional inspectors.
Implementing a standardized processing process The processing technology, combined with on-site quality management and real-time quality review, is the basis for achieving a defined quality plan, operating in accordance with a standardized quality management model, reducing the cost of quality failures and strictly controlling external failure costs. To meet the customer's demand for quality and delivery.

Service Advantage--Integrity and Consultant Service Concept--Good Service
Provide technical support to customers' services, reduce processing costs, improve production equipment, tools, fixtures, improve efficiency, or assist customer engineers to solve specific projects. We are able to provide customers with a wide range of parts processing solutions. Consultant business development and design development services are the direction of time and development.